Check Out the Weavers Way Friday Dinners That Are Still Taking Ambler by Storm


AMBLER, PA, March 15, 2018 — We survived two nor'easters. We survived the opening of the Whole Foods up the Pike. We're still serving $4 Friday Dinners and Ambler and vicinity is still lining up for them.

News directors and news editors: If you're looking for some St. Paddy's counter-programming — though this week's menu does feature corned beef and cabbage, and that vegan favorite, tofu Irish stew — or a contrast to the Amazonian hoopla earlier this week in Spring House, where Whole Foods opened Wednesday, you should consider this community-oriented event at Weavers Way Co-op's newest store.

We kicked off the weekly dinners in January with about 240 guests the first night — not too shabby — and by Feb. 23, we counted 450 diners between 4 and 8 p.m.

Then, on Friday, March 2, the lights went out — and people stayed to dine by candlelight anyway. The store secured a generator and it was business as usual on Saturday — but not for most of Ambler, which was without power for several days following that first nor'easter. As a result, The Café at Weavers Way became an unofficial warming station, and the Co-op handed out discount coupons to help customers replenish their pantries when the lights finally went back on.

The following week, we shrugged off the second nor'easter, and so did more than 400 $4 Friday Dinner fans, who returned to the Co-op for linguine marinara with meatballs (vegan meatballs for some). Will we hit 500 tomorrow?

The menu for tomorrow, Friday, March 16, St. Patrick's Day Eve, is Braised Corned Beef or Vegan Irish Stew (Tofu), Cabbage with Onions and Caraway, and Roasted Potatoes. A salad is available for an extra buck, and participants are welcome to BYO. (A bottle of Harp, perhaps? Ambler Beverage Exchange is right next door.) Takeout is available, but many guests just take it easy in The Café or at tables set up around the store. There's live music and sampling by favorite local vendors. This week, it will be Objective Perspective and Zsa's Ice Cream.

For more information, contact Communications Manager Mary Sweeten at or 215-843-2350, ext. 135. Or just show up between 4 and 8 p.m. — $4 Friday Dinners at Weavers Way Ambler, 217 E. Butler Ave., are open to all, just like Weavers Way.