Weavers Way Announces Community Discount Program

Local First Links Co-op Members, Neighborhood Businesses in Supporting Local Economy



PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 15, 2016 — Weavers Way Co-op is proud to announce Local First, a program for local merchants, producers, service providers and other businesspeople to connect with consumers in their communities.

Participants in the program — a comprehensive overhaul of the old Weavers Way community discount — offer special deals or services to Weavers Way members. In return, they are listed in the online and printed Weavers Way Local First directory. They receive a Local First decal to display and also can advertise in the Shuttle, Weavers Way’s monthly newspaper, at a special rate. There is no fee for participation.

To receive the discount or special offer, a Co-op member just presents the Weavers Way member card.

Local First kicks off officially today with the publication of the directory online at www.weaversway.coop/Local-First. A printed directory will be available later in the month at Weavers Way stores in Mt. Airy and Chestnut Hill.

Weavers Way Co-op is guided by seven “ends” adopted by the Co-op's Board in accordance with international cooperative principles. Weavers Way End No. 1 is: “There will be a thriving and sustainable local economy providing meaningful jobs, goods and services to our members and the community.”

Local First increases the benefits of Co-op membership while helping strengthen the local economy, noted Weavers Way Membership Manager Kirsten Bernal.

“It reinforces our neighborhood networks and keeps our hard-earned money local,” she said. “It shows how community partners can come together in a spirit of collaboration over competition.”

“I enjoy being a Co-op member, and part of being cooperative is offering discounts for people who may need it,” said Local First participant Iris Wolfson, of Alternative Healthcare for Women. “It’s also an opportunity to connect with people who might otherwise not take advantage of the services available — to give them a little support.”

For Steve Donegan, an artist who works in lighting, metal and tapestry, Local First is “a great opportunity. It gives people more of a chance to actually see and collect art from living artists.”

Said Meg Hagele, proprietor of the High Point cafes, wholesale bakery and coffee roastery, “We want to recognize our role in our community, so it’s meaningful for us to say thank you. If, through Local First, we’re rewarding those who value what we do, then all the better.”

The initial Local First directory features more than 100 discounts and special offers, organized into categories such as computer repair, education, entertainment, health and wellness, home and garden, pet supplies, and restaurants and caterers. In addition to describing the business, each entry provides contact information, including direct email and website links when available.

The Local First guide will be updated annually; businesspeople wishing to join the program should contact Bettina de Caumette at outreach@weaversway.coop or 215-843-2350, ext. 118, for an application.

“Weavers Way Local First spotlights retailers and providers who share our commitment to a strong and vibrant local economy,” Bernal said. “We hope our members will find it highly valuable, and maybe discover a great service or local product they didn’t know existed.”

About Weavers Way: With stores in Mt. Airy and Chestnut Hill, the “Co-op” is member-owned, open to the public and committed to offering quality products that are local, sustainable and nutritious. For more information, visit www.weaversway.coop.