Weavers Way Community Programs Receives $15,000 Grant from Green Tree Community Health Foundation

'Hands-on' Programs at Stenton Family Manor Win Funder's Praise 

Weavers Way Community Programs, based in Mt. Airy, has received a $15,000 grant from theGreen Tree Community Health Foundation in support of its Hope Garden at Stenton Family Manor. The grant was announced by Susan Hansen, Ph.D., President and CEO of the Foundation, on behalf of the Board of Trustees.

WWCP Executive Director Jill Fink said the funds would be used to expand the farm and nutrition education programs WWCP provides at Stenton, one of the city's largest emergency housing facilities for families. 

“WWCP believes that to create transformative change for families and communities, we need to work with all family members. We’ve seen the excitement children have when harvesting turnips and tasting them for the first time, but if parents aren’t equally as enthusiastic — or don’t know how to prepare turnips — we haven’t fully done our jobs," Fink said.

"Green Tree’s support will enable WWCP to expand programming to work with all family members, empowering them with the skills and knowledge to make healthy choices and even grow their own food."

Said Erin Doyle-O’Connor, Green Tree trustee and chair of the Grants Committee, “As a dietitian, there are a few key factors I look for when evaluating nutrition education programs. Programs that are hands-on, teaching cooking and smart shopping skills, and those that involve the whole family seem to have the best potential for long-term impact. WWCP’s work at Stenton Family Manor fits this model beautifully, which is why we were so enthusiastic to fund their program.”

WWCP established the Hope Garden in 2009 to provide children living at Stenton with a safe place to be outdoors, to cultivate curiosity and inquisitiveness about growing fruits and vegetables, and to make it fun and exciting to prepare healthy meals and try new things. WWCP donates over 1,000 pounds of fresh produce to the kitchen at Stenton every year.

The curriculum for the WWCP Parent Program includes basic nutrition and cooking and how to budget limit resources for healthy eating. There will also be scheduled time for families to take part in activities together – from gardening to cooking – to encourage family time and build relationships around food and mealtimes. Parents who take part in the program receive a graduation certificate and a kitchen starter kit, including a crock pot, cook book, spice rack, chef’s knife, measuring cups/spoons and olive oil.  WWCP's goal is to help cultivate good eating habits, but also ensure that families have all that they need when they transition to a new home. 

The Green Tree Community Health Foundation is a not-for-profit public charity that identifies areas of vulnerability and provides funding to organizations in Northwest Philadelphia and eastern Montgomery County. Green Tree seeks to have a positive impact on current and emerging health issues and risks, empowering residents to access health services, and value, embrace and maintain their health.

Weavers Way Community Programs was founded in 2007 as the nonprofit arm of Weavers Way Cooperative Association. It is financially independent of the Co-op and governed by a separate board. WWCP’s mission is to empower children, youth, and familie to become healthy, strong, and informed through experiential activities centered on urban agriculture, nutrition and the cooperative economy. For more about WWCP’s farm and nutrition education programs, visitwww.weaversway.coop/wwcp.