Weavers Way Features Sephardic Tastes for the Holidays


PHILADELPHIA, PA, August 1, 2013 – Sephardic foods and recipes are featured in the August issue of the Shuttle, the monthly newspaper of Weavers Way Co-op in Northwest Philadelphia.

Food blogger and historian Ronit Treatman notes in her Page 1 article that familiar Eastern European-based Jewish foods were not the original Jewish foods of Philadelphia. The first Jews to arrive in Philadelphia were from Spain and Portugal and the recipes they brought with them used southern European and North African ingredients like almonds, pomegranates, olive oil and dates.

Treatman, a Germantown resident who is the food editor of the online Philadelphia Jewish Voice (blog.pjvoice.com), describes how foods such as quinces and black-eyed peas are prepared in the Sephardic fashion, and gives their symbolic meaning in the Rosh Hashanah Seder. (Rosh Hashanah begins this year on Sept. 4.)

To provide a real taste of the holiday, Treatman will be at Weavers Way Chestnut Hill, 8424 Germantown Ave., offering samples of several dishes from 3 to 6 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 15 and Aug. 22.

Weavers Way Prepared Foods department has also added Sephardic dishes to its High Holidays menu, including Moroccan Couscous and Chizu Salada (Carrot Salad). For more information about Weavers Way catering, call 215-843-2350, or click on “Catering” at www.weaversway.coop.


Weavers Way is a member-owned food co-op open to the public, with stores in Mt. Airy and Chestnut Hill offering quality products that are locally grown, sustainable and nutritious. This fall, Weavers Way will celebrate 40 years of commitment to healthy food, healthy communities and a healthy environment. For more information, visitwww.weaversway.coop.