Weavers Way Nonprofit Offshoot Gets a New Name: FOOD MOXIE


PHILADELPHIA, June 25, 2016 — Weavers Way Community Programs, the nonprofit offshoot of Weavers Way Co-op, has led the charge for a healthier and more just Philadelphia since 2007, but now the organization will do so in style, thanks to its bold new name: Food Moxie.

Why "Food Moxie"? Simply put, it takes real courage to subvert dominant food systems, to take charge of health one meal at a time in a world that barrages us with unhealthy options. Food Moxie creates a positive impact in people’s lives through culinary, nutrition, and agricultural education, daring to envision a world filled with conscious eaters who care deeply about what’s on their plate and how it got there. Underscoring this work is a firm belief that everyone should have access to healthy food, no matter what. their background.

Food Moxie prides itself on its partnerships with community hubs, which enable its programs to be tailored to the specific needs of participants. Its three biggest partnerships are with W.B. Saul Agricultural High School, Martin Luther King High School and Stenton Family Manor: 

  • Food Moxie works closely with classroom teachers at Saul, located in Roxborough, to get students out of their desks and into the dirt, exploring curricular concepts on a working farm and complementing classroom studies. Food Moxie also leads an out-of-school time program, including summer internships.
  •  At MLK in Germantown, Food Moxie operates Hope Farm, the only public school-based horticultural therapy program for young people with autism and intellectual disabilities.
  • At Stenton, also in Germantown, Philadelphia’s second-largest emergency housing facility for families experiencing homelessness, Food Moxie operates Hope Garden. The garden serves as the site for Garden Club, a year-round program for kids and teens focused on growing and preparing food. For parents, Food Moxie offers Hope Kitchen, a six-week budget-conscious cooking class which extends beyond a family’s time at Stenton with home visits focused on nutritious meal planning.

Founded in 2007 by the Board of Weavers Way Cooperative, Food Moxie (www.foodmoxie.org) is 501(c)3 nonprofit empowering children, youth, and families with the values and knowledge to be healthy, strong, and informed through experiential activities centered on urban agriculture, nutrition, and the cooperative economy. 

For more information, contact Development and Communications Manager Rachel Reynolds at rachel@foodmoxie.org or 215-843-8289.