COVID-19 Response Updates

In response to the increase in COVID-19 cases in the area and concern over limiting exposure to the virus, we're taking extra precautions and measures to ensure the safety of our shoppers, members, and employees.

Expanded Home Delivery and Curbside Pickup

Weavers Way is temporarily increasing the number of days during which home delivery is available to members. We will now offer delivery daily Monday through Friday and will waive our standard delivery fee. Click here for more info and to place an order.

Operational Changes and In-Store Safety

As an essential business, Weavers Way continues to adapt to public health needs created by COVID-19 while also providing our members and customers healthy food in a safe environment. We carefully review all guidelines provided by the CDC and the Pennsylvania Department of Public Health. To that end, we are instituting the following changes until further notice:

  • Reduced store hours. All stores will be open 9 a.m.-7 p.m. daily. These adjusted hours are to allow our staff to perform deep cleaning.
  • New customer limits. We have been strictly enforcing customer limits in all of our stores: 20 at a time in Mt. Airy, 25 in Chestnut Hill, 50 in Ambler, and 5 at our Across the Way and Next Door stores. These customer limits will allow us all to maintain acceptable social distancing (six feet) inside the stores. So far, lines have been fairly short, and shoppers have been taking the relatively minor inconvenience in stride.
  • Extended senior discount to Monday through Friday. We are taking this step so we can reduce the number of customers shopping on Tuesdays, spreading shoppers out across the week. We also highly recommend our senior members take advantage of our expanded home delivery services.
  • Closed self-service scoop bins in our bulk departments. We will pre-pack popular items in grab-and-go containers. Shoppers can still self-serve shop for bulk items stored in gravity bins, including coffee beans. We'll also have bulk staff available to help dispense other scooped items.
  • Closed self-service soup, salad, and hot bars. Our kitchen staff will have plenty of our prepared foods available as grab-and-go. Our Cafe in Ambler is also closed.
  • Automatic Extension of Cooperator Work Cycles. We understand if members would prefer not to work cooperator shifts at this time. You can request an extension from our membership department by emailing

Tips for Shoppers

For those who need to come into our store, please consider shopping during non-peak hours — early mornings and late evenings. Please keep your distance as much as possible, and please respect the social distancing needs of both our staff and customers and avoid socializing and congregating. Additionally, while many of us might prefer making multiple small shopping trips throughout the week, during the COVID-19 outbreak, making fewer, larger trips reduces everyone's exposure. We love being a social hub, but we must strive to keep everyone healthy! And, if possible, please send one member of your household to shop so we can allow more customers in the store at one time. (Leave the family at home!)

Above all, please don't come to the Co-op if you're sick. While in the stores, be mindful of social distancing (six feet). Avoid long conversations. Certainly, there should be no physical contact of any kind. (Waves and smiles are the friendliest greetings we can give each other right now.) We ask that you do your best to shop quickly and get back home. Hand sanitizers are located throughout our stores.

To facilitate fast check out, consider loading up your EasyPay account. (Every member has one; you can access yours through the Member Center at EasyPay is also the best option for delivery payment.

In all of our stores, we'll be increasing our disinfection practices. We're also encouraging employees to remain home if sickened by or exposed to COVID-19 by extending their paid leave, if needed, up to 14 days. Any guidance put forth by area health departments and the CDC will be closely followed.

Please continue to shop the Co-op. With the closure of bars, restaurants, and cafes, the local food economy is taking a beating. Many of the food growers and food producers we know and love have lost a good share of their business. Weavers Way has always served as a vital link between the local food shed and consumers. By shopping the Co-op, you help keep the local food economy afloat.

For more info about our response to COVID-19 and how it might affect the Co-op, please see General Manager Jon Roesser's column in the March 2020 Shuttle.