Weavers Way GM Glenn Bergman to Become Philabundance Executive Director

PHILADELPHIA, PA (April 2, 2015) — Glenn Bergman, Weavers Way’s general manager for 11 years, announced today that he is leaving the Co-op to become executive director of Philabundance, the regional nonprofit dedicated to eradicating hunger in the Delaware Valley. Bergman will succeed Mark Bender, the Philabundance interim executive director, on June 1.

“My reason for taking the position at Philabundance is to see if I can help make a difference in reducing food insecurity in our city and region,” Bergman said in a letter to staff and Weavers Way owner-members. “An opportunity was put in front of me that started me thinking that perhaps it is time for me to move on and give someone else the opportunity to run this fantastic organization.”
He added he expects to stay connected to the Co-op through owner committees or perhaps the Board of Directors, and plans to rejoin the board of the nonprofit Weavers Way Community Programs.
“I’m honored and I’m grateful to the Philabundance board for this chance to work with the innovative programming that has made Philabundance a leader in ending hunger in the region,” Bergman said.
A longtime Mt. Airy resident and native New Yorker, Bergman came to Weavers Way in 2004 after a career as a chef and food service manager at Shooting Stars Corp. (the Frog-Commissary restaurant and catering company), the Wood Company and the Compass Group.
“It’s been an exciting 11 years at Weavers Way,” said Co-op Board President Chris Hill. “We’ve grown fourfold in income, staff and impact on the community, and much of it can be attributed to the vision and creative energy of Glenn, and his ability to support members and staff in pursuing initiatives that serve our members and improve the lives of people in Northwest Philadelphia.
“We’ll miss Glenn terribly, but are comfortable with the strength of the current staff, and are confident that we’ll continue to grow and engage with our community in new and exciting ways.”
Jon Roesser, Weavers Way’s human resources director, will take over as interim general manager while the board conducts a national search for a permanent replacement. Roesser came to Weavers Way in 2008 and has played an important role in the Co-op’s growth, including the opening of a second store in Chestnut Hill in 2010.
“Glenn Bergman has a strong understanding of the connections between hunger, food access, health, poverty, and economic policy, and he is eager for Philabundance to take a lead role in advocating for change in our community,” said Murvin Lackey, chairman of the Philabundance board. “This, combined with his deep industry knowledge, makes Glenn uniquely qualified to lead the organization into the future."
Lackey added: “Glenn has thought a great deal about the causes of hunger and believes that Philabundance is uniquely positioned to lead a coalition of partners.  He has a strong connection to our mission, and sees the opportunity to connect it to a broader community agenda. This aligns well with our strategic plan to alleviate hunger today while working to eliminate hunger forever.”
About Weavers Way: Founded as a buying club in 1973, “the Co-op” now has grocery stores in Mt. Airy and Chestnut Hill, two health and wellness specialty shops and a pet supply store. Weavers Way offers food and other products that are wholesome, sustainable and locally sourced. At Weavers Way, everyone can shop and anyone can join. For information about Food For All, the Co-op’s new initiative to make good food affordable for more members of our communities, visit www.weaversway.coop/food-for-all. For information about Weavers Way, visit our website, www.weaversway.coop.
About Philabundance: Founded in 1984, Philabundance focuses on reducing hunger and food insecurity in the Delaware Valley by providing food access to people in need in partnership with other organizations and individuals. Philabundance works with close to 500 member agencies in 9 counties and serves approximately 72,000 people per week at a cost of 50 cents per meal. For more information about Philabundance, visit www.philabundance.org or call 215-339-0900. If you or someone you know is in need of food assistance, please call Philabundance’s Food Help Line, 800-319-FOOD (3663).